How To Register for Smart Bro UNLISURF Unlimited Internet?

Smart Bro plugit dialer interfaceSmart Bro Pliug-it UI. Image by jangelo via FlickrIf you own a pre-paid Smart Bro Plug-it device, then you must have already noticed how could big your spending become if you constantly load it for an internet service at the rate of 20 pesos per hour. The situation could be worse if you are living away from the strong signal of Smart. In rural areas, signal quality can be a huge problem and cause simple web pages to load longer than usual. In cases like this, you might already consumed all your load in one hour, 40 minutes of which is spent in loading the pages.

Now, if you are an high internet user, then it might well be a good decision for you to apply for unlimited services, post-paid each month for as low as 999 pesos in Smart. But if you’re just using internet intermittently, such as “only on weekends”, you may opt to register for Smart Bro UNLISURF.
Smart Bro UNLISURF is a prepaid internet plan that gives you unlimited internet access for periods of 2 days (UNLISURF100) and 5 days (UNLISURF200). UNLISURF100 costs 100 pesos while UNLISURF200 costs 200 pesos.
How to Register for Smart Bro UNLISURF?
Registering for Smart Bro UNLISURF is very easy and there are three ways you that could do so.
Before doing anything, load your Smart Bro with at least 100 pesos (for UNLISURF100) or 200 pesos (for UNLISURF200)
1. Through Computer
- Insert your Smart Bro Plug-it device until the Smart Bro window appears.
- Using its messaging capability, key in Unlisurf 100 or Unlisurf 200 and send to 2200.
- You will receive a reply confirming your registration and then you can start surfing the net.

2. Through Mobile Phone
- You can also insert your Smart Bro SIM Card to your mobile unit and send a similar message (UNLISURF100 or UNLISURF200) to 2200.
- You will also receive a reply confirming your registration.
- Insert your SIM back to the Plug-it device and start surfing the internet.

3. Through the internet
- if you already registered your Smart Bro number at, you can register for UNLISURF through it.

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