iPhone 5 Philippines: Price and Where to Buy?

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 last month in a media event in San Francisco, California, USA. The new iPhone features a bigger screen, thinner and lighter aluminum uni-body, a new industrial design, support for 4G LTE connectivity, nano-SIM and more. The phone goes on sale last September 21 in selected countries including US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.
iPhone 5

Appled unveiled today the iPhone 5 – the biggest and the best iPhone to date.

iPhone 5 Availability in the Philippines

iPhone 5 is not yet available in the Philippines. The two major mobile operators in the country – Globe and SMART- were the official distributors of the iPhones in the Philippines. The units sold through them though are locked to their respective networks. It means that iPhone 5 units bought in SMART will only work with SMART SIM cards. The same is true with units sold via Globe.

Last year when iPhone 4S was released, it took more than two months before it reached the country. SMART and Globe held separate events to introduce the most awaited device of that time. So, for this year, we can expect the same. We can expect the iPhone 5 to officially arrive in the country (via SMART and/or Globe) early this December.


iPhone 5 in Gray Market

Nevertheless, even though the iPhone 5 is not yet here officially, you can still buy it from numerous vendors, both online and offline. Those vendors usually get their units from Hong Kong, where an unlocked version are sold because in Hong Kong, the law prohibits telcos from locking devices. These units were either shipped or carried by hand (if few only). With the cost of transportation and the import taxes, you would understand that the units from them are higher in price.
I checked some online sellers to see how much they are selling the iPhone 5. The cheapest that I saw was a 16 GB unit from a seller in Multiply.com. It costs 39500 Pesos.
iPhone 5 Multiply

iPhone5 available at Multiply.com

Here’s one from ebay.ph.
iPhone 5 ebay Philippines

iPhone 5 Prices in ebay.ph (click to ENLARGE)

And here’s another one from Lazada.com
iPhone 5 Philippines Lazada

iPhone 5 Philippines in Lazada.com (click to ENLARGE)


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